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What Is An Online Doctor Consultation?

Online doctor consultations are rapidly gaining popularity these days as more health domain company have started offering online doctor consultation to increase their reach to maximum people help the society with costs efficient service. Studies have shown that virtual care may effectively be used to treat common problems in day to day life. Video or telephonic online doctor consultations can save patients a lot in time and convenience.

What is the advantage of online consultation?

Saves Time for Both the Doctor and the Patient. It is easier and faster for patients and doctors to communicate by using telemedicine services. Doctors can plan for appointments online to best-fit their schedules. This eliminates the time wasted for unplanned doctor visits and failed appointments.

How do I do an online medical consultation with MiracleHeath Doctors?

Get started with some simple steps.

  • Download the MiracleHealth app.Go to the Free Telemedicine section.
  • Press Call Now Button.
  • Complete the process of Online Doctor Consultation and get connected to specialist Doctor.

Can an online doctor prescribe medication?

During your online doctor consultation with MiracleHealth Doctor's, you will be asked to provide information about your medical history, any current prescription medications you are taking, Based on that MiracleHealth Doctor’s will Prescribe you medications.

How much do doctors charge for online consultation?

At MiracleHealth online doctor consultation is free. Here you can avail Unlimited free online doctor consultation.

Why ONLINE Doctor Consultations or Tele-Consultation with Doctors?

✅ Convenience of Home & Anytime-Anywhere
✅ Accessible& Easy
✅ It’s free @ MiracleHealth

How can I get free medical advice?

Call on MiracleHealth Online doctor consultation number : 87654-70000. You will be connected to a doctor as per your selection of your specialization / Medical issues.