Diabetic Package

Available Packages
Available Packages (Pick as per your diabetes category
Status of Diabetes 1-Year Package Cost Status of Diabetes 1-Year Package Cost Status of Diabetes 1-Year Package Cost
Category 1: Diabetes start or in good control Rs 2500 Category 3: Diabetes needs higher special medicines to avoid Insulin Rs 20,000 Category 5: Diabetes needs multiple special drugs/tablets, Insulin

Rs 25,000
Category 2: Diabetes above start level Rs 3500 Category 4: Diabetes needs tablets & Insulin Rs 10,000 (Inj without Pen)

Rs 15,000 (Pen Insulin)
Category 6: Uncontrolled Diabetes needs multiple special drugs and high units of multipleInsulin types. Rs 50,000

How to Avail the Package
• Walk-In or Call & book for FREE diabetes evaluation by MiracleHealth doctors
• Your diabetes status and category is informed to you
• Pick your package as per your diabetes status (if you wish to avail)
• Report of evaluation is shared with you whether you avail package or not

1 – Year Package Covers
• Regular Doctor Consultation & Check-Up • All required tests
• All required medicines & insulin • Diet Plan

Package Modifications/Refund Policy
• Cancel package anytime and get pro-rata refund of balance period
• If diabetes improves, automatic change in package & refund of difference amount
• If diabetes deteriorates, you may upgrade package by paying the difference amount or cancel existing package and take refund of balance period.